Dirty Feet! Picture book, ages 3-6. Kim Sponaugle, illustrator.

Clever Camouflage- neat ways in which animals hide themselves!

How The Telephone Changed the World- from the invention of the phone to today's super cell phones.

The Star-Bangled Banner - Explore the history and importance of the American flag.

Yankee Doodle - Ever wonder where this fun song came from? Find out the history of Yankee Doodle in this fun, fact-filled book.

Check out Jennifer's Kindle books, Down on the Farmseries! Everything you wanted to know about

sheep, cows, chickens

and pigs. 

Jennifer's story, The Blessings Box, will appear in this new edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul!

July 2017, Capstone Press has re-released two of Reed's books with new covers! Click on the cover to order!

May 2017 - Lainie Belcastro, aka Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots, read Doodle Girlat a Barnes and Nobel event in Pennsylvania. She said, "One little girl actually came up and asked me if I put on white and red lipstick to get the shade of pink I was wearing!  They also had a little fashion show, displaying the colors of their clothes they were wearing!  Soooooo terra cotta potterriffic!" Kids love to doodle and learn about colors! Her next gig is on June 17th, in the Poconos. Thank you, Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots for promoting and reading Doodle Girl!