Zoe loves her copy of That's A Lot of Love!

Doodle Girl and That's A Lot of Love are just two of many books written by Jennifer Reed. Her career in children's writing began back in 1994, shortly after she and her husband, Jeff, moved back from a 3-year deployment in Japan. Since then, she has published over 30 children's books and written numerous articles and stories children's magazines such as Highlights, Boys' Life, Hopscotch and many more!

THAT'S A LOT OF LOVE! KEEPSAKE EDITION. Same beautiful illustrations and fun to read text as the original book, but with fun activities and question/answer section just for Mom's and daughters! Choose Hardcover Edition. Illustrated by Jennifer Houdeshell. Click on the cover to order!

Meet Jennifer Reed

DOODLE GIRL! ​Rachel loves to doodle on walls, on her school books, and on her back pack. Anywhere Rachel can doodle she does, but it gets her into big trouble. She tries to draw and color in other places. She learns she can mix colors to make more colors. Suddenly, Rachel’s doodling becomes a lot more fun! Illustrated by Jack Foster. Click on the cover to order!