The Falling Flowers

This touching story of a little girl's outing with her grandmother takes place in modern-day Japan, where cherry trees bloom for one week every spring. Suggested reader's age 4-8.

Jennifer's Books!

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Rebellion at St. Timothy’s takes its readers back to a turbulent time just prior to the Civil War. The debate between the North and South is heating up. Young boys are sent to military school not just to become educated, but also to learn the art of war. A group of boys, who call themselves the Know-Nothings, wreak havoc and harass Christopher Wilson, a newcomer to the school. If Chris doesn’t join the group, he will be harassed even more, but if he does, he could get into a lot of trouble with his teachers, the headmaster and his parents. When the boys raid the armory and hold out in a log cabin in the woods, Chris has some hard decisions to make. Does he keep his alliance with the Know-Nothings, or does he turn his back on them and turn them in? Rebellion at St. Timothy’s will have young readers asking, “Do I have the guts to do what is right?” Middle grade novels ages 9-14. Available on Kindle or as a paperback. Click on the cover to order!

That's A Lot of Love!

How much does Mama love her child? Throughout the year, the child asks, "How much do you love me?" Mama compares her love to things in nature. "I love you as much as there are stars in the sky," helping the child know that she is loved a lot! Suggested readers age range 3-7.