DIRTY FEET! Coming soon!

Meet Willow. She's a bit of a wild child! She loves to go barefoot. Off comes her sneakers or shoes or boots or sandals and Willow gets dirty feet! Mama has to wash her feet every time. When she does, she sings a cute ditty. "Dirty feet, dirty feet, come and meet these dirty feet! Wash them once, wash them twice. Make them clean and smell so nice!"

Kim Sponaugle, illustrator extraordinaire, created sweet watercolor illustrations. The love between Mama and Willow is portrayed so well. Willow's feistiness is too! 

Newly released! Check it out on Amazon!

THAT'S A LOT OF LOVE! KEEPSAKE EDITION. Same beautiful illustrations and fun to read text as the original book, but with fun activities and question/answer section just for Mom's and daughters! Choose Hardcover Edition. Illustrated by Jennifer Houdeshell. Click on the cover to order!